Investment Philosophy

Klauss Capital is an experienced early-stage and growth venture capital fund focused on financing and freight companies in Sub-saharan Africa.   Average investment size ranges from $50,000 to several million dollars depending on the stage of opportunity and capital needs of the business.

Our team capitalizes on the benefits that geo-diversity and knowledge transfer provide to successfully fund the best entrepreneurs and companies in the geographic markets we serve. We are interested in finding and funding amazing teams to build, deliver and scale services and products that matter in local and eventually global audiences. Our segment of interest is the import and export business.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, we are focusing on the underserved seed/early-stage venture and growth capital freight investment opportunities. Our goal is to add significant value to and grow, the freight based entrepreneurial ecosystems across the continent.

Klauss Capital is passionate about supporting world-class entrepreneurs and we absolutely love what we do. We understand how hard it is to build great companies, and like all great entrepreneurs, we are orthogonal thinkers and we don’t flinch.